The club was formed in 1989, for the purpose of introducing riders to one of the safest forms of motorcycle sport – Trials. This is a test of balance and control rather than speed so injuries are rare. It is a real family sport with dads and mums bringing their sons (and daughters) to practice and ride in organised events.

The club was started by the founder Steve Burdett and a small committee, using land either side of the M69 with the permission of Calor Gas who owned the land at that time.

The club continued to grow and attract riders from all over Leicestershire and neighbouring counties. Over the past 15 years we have realised that the availability of land for motorcycle trials use is extremely limited and unless land is owned by the club itself then our continued use can never be guaranteed.

In 2005 we were able to purchase the piece of land on the Calor Gas site of the M69 tunnel with assistance from the ACU, the sport’s governing body, to whom we are affiliated.  In addition we took out 3rd party liability insurance and were granted planning permission to use the land (including the piece on the Earl Shilton side of the M69) as a trials ground.

Over the years we have developed the ground we own using rocks to support the hill and combat erosion.

In 2015 the club was in the fortunate position to be able to purchase the adjoining land (we had been able to use this side previously, but it was sold, and we lost the use of it). At this stage the decision was taken to make the club into a Limited Company – now known as Earl Shilton Trials Club Ltd.

There was a vision of how we wanted the ground to look and work has been ongoing to create the facility which is now emerging.  The land has been transformed from a flat piece of land into a hilly area with rocky sections and gullies.  A fence has now been erected to separate the riding area from the lake for rider’s safety and we are planting hedging and trees to enhance the area and attract birds and wildlife.

We always encourage members to get involved in any work that is taking place and are grateful to those who offer whatever time they can to get the jobs done (there is always something to trim back or pick up!).


Our membership now consists of over 300 families. We run 11 events each year with a range of classes to suit all ages and abilities; from 5 year olds on electric bikes to riders in their 70’s on equally old bikes!

We regularly attract entries of between 60 and 100 riders. On this basis we are one of the largest and most successful trials club in the Midlands.

In 2010 we paid out over £6,000 in insurance, permit fees and affiliation. We also spent nearly £8,000 on land improvements including hardcore on tracks and repairs to eroded areas.

We carry out monthly training days for our youth riders (and some adults) using ACU accredited trainers.

The club provides a place where riders of all ages can learn to ride a trials motorcycle in a controlled environment and take part in a genuinely family sport.

We also cater for riders of older bikes with our, Pre 65 / Twin shock / Beginners trials.